TeachMeetNZ Digital Badge

Hi there,
When you have presented you may download a digital badge to add to your blog or wiki.
Or copy and paste the image URL into your portfolio/ blog etc.
Link back to your page on TeachMeetNZ
And please send me a link to your reflection via twitter.
Don't forget to tag me

Here is a link to the complete badge page on Google Docs that you may copy and use.
Taking part in a TeachMeetNZ session allows you to cover all these Registered Teacher Criteria.
RTC 1, RTC 4, RTC 5, RTC 12.
By targeting an area of inquiry as part of presenting and reflecting, then other RTC's can be accounted for too.

Connect with others taking part in a TMNZ SessionTMNZ_links.png
Support others in learning how to use a TMNZ hangoutTMNZ_collaborate.png
Create your TMNZ slides and embed on TMNZ pageTMNZ_present.png
Eg: Completed the handshake activity
Eg: Online chat in Google+ Hangout
Eg: Link to your page with slides
Shared on a TMNZ hangoutTMNZ_celebrate.png
Publish a reflection post on a TMNZ SessionTMNZ_publish.png
Helped broadcast a TMNZ SessionTMNZ_broadcast.png
EG: Youtube recording
Eg: Link to Blog Post
Eg: Link to storify & or embedded twitter post
Get 100+ views on your youtube TMNZ clipTMNZ_likes.png
Mentor others by helping to coordinate and host a TMNZ HangoutTMNZ_host.png
Have a link on your page back to the TMNZ site
Eg: Link to screen shot
Eg: Link to the youtube session
Link to your site