Augmented Reality Google Hangout
Host: Sonya Van Schaijik
Hi everyone, I have grabbed your twitter profiles so we can see where everyone is in the world and their strengths. You can edit this page.
Now can you indicate if you want to go ahead on Thursday night, Friday morning for NZ for a hangout.
I have given 2 dates, please indicate which suits you.
I can go with either, but next Thursday I will be hosting from India.
If we go with the second date then I can also include Beat to be with Gregor.
(Gregor: If we do 9-10pm Zurich time, then I can only join on the second date)

2nd challenge is the time.
(Check it out)
So I suggest 9.00-10.00pm Zurich time. (Some of us have classes)


Thursday 29th of August- who can host?
Sonya, Aki unavailable
Drew available

Thursday 5th of September- or Sonya can host from Delhi India
Drew available
Sonya Available

United States of America
Augmented Reality

**Drew Minock** ‏ ‪@TechMinock
3rd grade teacher who loves new and engaging technology! Learn. Teach. Lead. Changing the Game! Co-Founder of AR Detroit Meetup Blog: ‪

**Brad Waid** ‏ ‪@Techbradwaid
Teacher in Bloomfield Hills & Co-founder of ARDetroit - monthly Augmented Reality meet up. Inspiring educational change through edtech & Augmented Reality

Mobile Learning

**Aki Puustinen** ‏ ‪@apuustin
Headmaster of Muurame Senior High School. Coordinator of Finnish Entrepreneurship and Social media networks. CEO and Entrepreneur of Team Factory ltd

**Timo Ilomäki** __‏ ‪@Ilotimo__
Teacher, Counselor, Coordinator of Mobiluck iPad project ‪#augmentedreality ‪#finnedchat. ‪! Blogger. Entrepreneur. Father.

New Zealand
-Augmented Reality
**Stephen Lethbridge** ‏ ‪@stephen_tpk
Dad, Husband, Principal, sport mad, gadget man, lapsed blogger. All about learning and growing leaders of the future. ‪#kiwifoo13 - just back from study leave

**JJ Purton Jones** ‏ ‪@JJPurtonJones
Year7/8 teacher at Taupaki School, Auckland. Interested in blended learning, creativity and thinking skills. Always looking for new challenges and opportunities

10am -3pm CET
-3d Printing
**Gregor Lütolf** __‏ ‪@gluetolf__
3D printing, gaming, trend scouting for all sorts of simple and cool tech solutions for schools. See @3drucken for updates. Blog (German):

**Beat Döbeli Honegger** ‏ @beatdoebeli