Template taken with permission from TeachMeetIntl format.

Please ensure that timing is correct.

Microspresentations are 3 minutes in length.

Aim for 12 slides in length- Max
Each slide is 15 sec long that auto advance

-First and last slides are throwaways with introduction and resources.
-Because of the nature of virtual presentation, tell us who you are, where you are from, what part of New Zealand are you hanging out from.
-The last slide with links- is a signal to the host that you are finished.

Therefore aim for 2.30 minutes. It is possible.

Think like a Pecha Kucha and refined again. Think like twitter and condensed again.

A buzzer will alert you that time is up and you will be asked to allow the next presenter to take the virtual Stage.

You can download a slideshare format here and adapt to suit.

Or from Google slides.

Presenting ideas.
Create two presentations
1) Slide with images and as little text as possible. Upload to slideshare or google presentations
2)Save your speaking notes as a PDF, upload it to your space e.g.: a wiki- download to a digital device

Practise, practise, practise.
If you are racing, to fit it all in, go back and cut those notes again.