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This project was created by Sonya Van Schaijik as part of her Ministry of Education TeachNZ Sabbatical in 2013.
It was seeded from her Core efellowship Inquiry into Hyperconnectivity.

TeachMeetNZ would never have taken off without the support of the first group of presenters and support crew.
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Presentation on Virtual Learning Network- sharing the history of TeachMeetNZ.

“TeachMeet was never about technology 100%, it was about the Teach first of all, and the tech was instrumental to achieving what we wanted to achieve pedagogically and never the other way around.” Ewan Macintosh

TeachMeetNZ came about from just over two years of investigating and trialling a variety of online products.
TeachMeet originated with three Scottish educators – Ewan McIntosh, David Noble and John Johnston

Read the TeachMeetNZ Story published
Interface Magazine July 2014

To date there are hundreds of TeachMeets across the world.
Ewan sent through this link to help us with planning.

The spark that seeded the TeachMeetNZ idea was when I supported Kimberley Rivett during RSCON3. in 2011.
This was the first time I had seen a New Zealand educator share her story with a global audience and I wondered if there was a way to bring in more New Zealand educators.
Internationally, there is http://teachmeetinternational.org which is where the idea for a Virtual New Zealand TeachMeet idea was grown.
TeachMeet INTL is hosted by Arjiana and Bart and tech supported by Sonja. After supporting Kimberley I thought I can do this too and looked for opportunities to present to global audiences. I stumbled across TeachMeetINT and Arijana via twitter. I cannot thank Arjiana Blazic @abfromz for enthusiastically answering all my tweet questions and just being supportive.
I presented twice virtually and it was the second session that grew the idea of trialling Google+.

The idea to use google hangouts came from Tony Richards from Australia at the #GAFE Summit in New Zealand in 2012.
Tony also answered my tweet questions about google hangout.

Then in 2013 at Eduignite I really wanted to learn how to use Google Hangouts and put up a post it calling for others to join me.
Justine Driver and Kathy Scott said they would help me trial Google+ Hangout. I approached approached Andrew Cowie, Pascale and Emma Winder who all said yes, they would help me trial a TeachMeetNZ 3 minute session. Then together as a team we explored, experimented trialled and within a week we had a product that we could send live. I learnt to record the sessions so that we could rewind and see where the glitches were. That ended up being an important part of practise session.

Straight after the session I was inundated with requests, when was the next session and how do we take part.
So just before I left for my TeachNZ sabbatical I ran another session and put up self help tools.
Still the requests came in. While I was away, I had the trial team support others learning how to use the tool and I watched their progress via google+ and twitter.

I came back and presented at Ulearn. This was the first time I was not only presenting virtually but I was also presenting to a Face2Face audience.
From that session I had Chris Dillon share about digital badges. I had been exploring the concept of digital badges but it made no sense until I heard Chris speak.

And it snowballed. We had Badges,
Tim Gander said, I want to run a special one for PENZ will you help, so I did. I was so excited because I could then see the potential.

In January, I took part in online communities under the guidance of Shelly Terral and set up a TeachMeetNZ Google+ community.
I made the mistake of keeping it private, so kind of lost enthusiasm for that idea.
But what the learning I took away about communities was huge.
So thought, I can see a national event happening.
Danielle Myburgh put the call out for supporters for the first edchatnz F2F Conference.
I said I would help and I love the way she instinctively know

In March I was approached to run one as part of the Festival of Education. So again I ran another session.
Then before I knew it it was May and it was time for a special anniversary session.

Then Steve Mouldey said, I want to run a Geo one, can you help. Of course I said yes.
Now I have two planned for Connected Educators month. The first one is celebrating teachers.
The second one involves Australia.

Like the international TeachMeet, TeachMeetNZ is also focused on presenting online.
In New Zealand we have the following free events for teachers with technology and pedagogy as a focus.

  • Educamps - where teachers can meet face to face using an unconference format
  • - Annually -Face2FAce
  • Ignite Sessions- where teachers are leaders and present Pecha Kucha style
  • -Term events -Face2FAce
  • #edchatNZ -where teachers can discuss in an hour current themes in education
  • -Fortnightly on Twitter -Virtually
  • Virtual Learning Network- Network for Teachers to share ideas and to meet virtually - Own pace
  • Myportfolio -where teachers can accrue a folio of blended learning - Own Style
  • TeachMeetNZ -where teachers can come together to present virtually and broadcasted live for the rest of New Zealand - Quarterly Events -once per term -Virtually