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@FionaGrant @isaacctenglish @rosmaceachern @MissHDodds @mesterman
@ibpossum@BeLchick1 @1MvdS

Saturday 3rd of October Time: 2.00pm
(UT + 13 hrs)
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Co Host + Camera: Sonya Van Schaijik @vanschaijik broadcasting from Auckland, New Zealand.
Co Host & TimeKeeper: Matt Esterman @mesterman broadcasting from Sydney

Twitter Broadcaster: Rachel Chisnall __@ibpossum__
Live Blogger: Monika Kern @BeLchick1
Storify: Marnel van der Spuy @1MvdS

Links to individua Presentations

__Fiona Grant__
Being Cybersmart

__Isaac Crandell-Tanner__
Project Based Literacy Learning

__Ros MacEachern__
Critical Friendships

__Hannah Dodd__
My first flipped EC experience
__Hannah Dodds__

__Matt Esterman__

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If you would would like to present on our next virtual TeachMeetNZ or even to host session, please contact Sonya @vanschaijik
This wiki is for New Zealand Educators to plan a TeachMeetNZ and share virtually.
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