Connected Educators
Two sessions will be running in October.
One at the beginning and one at the end of October.
Date: October 4
Time: 2.00pm

Introduce yourself so we can find out more about you.

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The order of the session
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@MaryWomble @iPadWells

Written summary of each presentation from Richard Wells.
Presenters Name
Kassey Downard
What's the big deal about Minecraft?
+Kassey Downard
Bridget Casse
Encouraging metacognition in the early years.
+Bridget Casse
Lewis Bostock
Safe and effective use of social media in the classroom
+Lewis Bostock
Sam Hocking
SOLE - Self Organised Learning Environments
+Sam Hocking
Tim Kong__
The Future may or may not be Finnish
+Tim Kong
Reubina Irshad
+Reubina Irshad