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Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei, Kia Orana, Fakaaloha lahi atu, Taloha Ni
Welcome to TeachMeetNZ.
Here is a virtual way for New Zealand educators to reflect on, record and share their own learning.

Through youtube, the presentations are live streamed so you can see it happening in real time.
Afterwards, the session is on youtube for rewindable learning.

Sonya is studying this year and looking after her parents so am really busy.
However if you are willing to have a go at hosting and pulling a session together, please let her know.

Welcome presenters, this page you can use to communicate with us.
We will be broadcasting from Auckland, New Zealand.
You will join us from where ever you are.

Check the side breadcrumbs for what you need.
Or click and find out more on the Tools Page

Check below for the details and tag us on twitter.
For joining us and sharing, you will receive a special presenters badge for your portfolio and a video clip of just you presenting that you can embed back to your blog or wiki.

Session Host:
Twitter Broadcaster and Storify:
Presenters Add Sonya on Google




Twitter Handle
Google+ account

About the TeachMeetNZ project.

We will do my best and the session will be even more successful, if you also tag your followers on facebook, twitter and google+Big job for you is to broadcast- use the #TeachMeetNZ to broadcast

Broadcast, Broadcast, Broadcast.
Use a variety of social media.

First Tutorial Session Wednesday ............. 8.30-9.30pm
NZ (UT + 13 hrs) Join me if you are a newbie or need a refresher.
Shanghai 3.30pm


Ensure you have looked at these slides for a smooth session.
This practice is for those who are new to a hangout.
If you want extra practices I have a team on standby who will help.

Second Tutorial Session for everyone- and have your topic and a draft of your slides ready
There is a template that really helps -Template so download it and adapt.

So I can complete building the introduction page and start broadcasting.
Date: ...................8.30.-9.30pm NZ (UT + 13 hrs)

Shanghai 3.30pm

Third Tutorial Session Saturday before the session Dress rehearsal 2.00-3.00pm
NZ (UT + 13 hrs)
Shanghai 9.00am

This session is to check the time and grab screen photos of you, so don't forget to check the mirror.
Wear what you will wear on Saturday.
Make sure that the slides are embedded onto your page.

This recording can also be used for your own site in case I have problems on the day.
Once you have each others google + details you can also help each other.

Live Screening

(UT + 12 hrs)
Be online and ready to go by 15 minutes before streaming for last minute sound and equipment checks.
to sort last minute problems.

We should be done and dusted in 1 hour.

For more info, click here

Join the New Zealand educators group of #TeachMeetNZ on the VLN



If you would would like to present on our next virtual TeachMeetNZ or even to host session, please contact Sonya @vanschaijik
This wiki is for New Zealand Educators to plan a TeachMeetNZ and share virtually.
This is a public Wiki. You are invited to create pages for your TeachMeetNZ and add a link to your event in the navigation bar on the left.
You are also welcome to use any of the templates, videos and previous information from previous TeachMeetNZ sessions and please link back to this site.

The focus is making connections, collaborating and learning with each other, celebrating via the Hangout and reflecting on your blog. The tech is the vehicle.
If you have suggestions for us please do not hesitate to let us know. Feedback is greatly welcomed.